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1. How did World War I, known as the Great War, affect Utah? How did it bring Utahns into mainstream American life?

a. World War I and Utah
b. World War I Heroine Maud Fitch
c. Some 80 Nurses Served in World War I

2. How did technology contribute to the prosperity of the 1920s?

a. Radio in Utah
b. Beginnings of Commercial Aviation
c. Brief History of Utah

3. While Utah enjoyed prosperity during the 1920s, there were two exceptions. What two industries had a depression during the 1920s?

a. Twenties

4. Dispute over federally owned land and natural resources on that land.

a. Utah Senator Reed Smoot and America's Natural Resources

5. How did the causes of the Great Depression exhibit themselves in Utah?

a. The Great Depression
b. 1934 Drought in Utah

6. The New Deal came to Utah through a variety of relief programs. What were these programs and how did they assist Utah's recovery during the depression? Be familiar with some depression relief projects.

a. The CCC Was a Boon to Utah
b. The CCC
c. Mariner S. Eccles Helped Develop FDR's New Deal
d. The Great Depression

7. In what ways did World War II help Utah's economic growth? How did it affect the face of Utah?

a. World War II in Utah
b. Chemical Weapons Testing at Dugway
c. Ogden
d. How Trains Helped Win the War
e. Uranium Industry
f. Monticello
g. Utah Interurbans
h. Mining
i. Brief History of Utah

8. What were some of the population changes that occurred in Utah as a result of World War II?

a. Copper, the King of the Oquirrh Mountains
b. The Rise of Utah's Latino Population
c. Kennecott Latinos
d. World War II in Utah

9. Understand how World War II assisted the development of the defense industry in Utah. What defense industries were created? What private industries benefited from war contracts?

a. Brigham City
b. Salt Lake City
c. Ogden
d. From War to War Overview
e. Manti
f. Monticello
g. A New Century
h. World War II in Utah

10. What POW camps were in Utah and why?

a. Topaz Relocation Center
b. Fort Douglas
c. Brief History of Utah

11. What was the Topaz relocation camp and how did it affect local society?

a. Topaz Relocation Center
b. Topaz: An Account of Utah Japanese Americans
c. Japanese Life in Utah

12. Who were the "Code Talkers" and what was their specific contribution to World War II?

a. Navajo Indians
b. The Navajos of Utah

13. What sacrifices were made by society and how was World War II fought on the Utah homefront?

a. Saltair
b. Brigham City
c. Alta
d. Salt Lake City
e. A Token Effort
f. Native Americans
g. Pioneer Chinese of Utah
h. A Utah Naval Officer Died a Hero's Death at Pearl Harbor
i. World War II Claimed the Lives of Four Utah Brothers

14. What contribution did Utah women make to the war effort during World War II?

a. Desmonda Stott Beeson
b. A Look at Working Women in the Early 20th Century
c. Reva Beck Bosone

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