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1. Be acquainted with the reasons why Mormons sought to establish a new home in the West.

a. Polygamy, Persecution, etc.
b. Great Salt Lake Valley, "The Place"

2. The first group of Mormon settlers who entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847 were known as the Vanguard Company. Be familiar with those who comprised their group and the Vanguard's role in Mormon migration. How many individuals were in this first group and what activities did they engage in when they entered the valley? How many people were in the valley by the winter of 1847?

a. Pioneers of 1847
b. Great Salt Lake Valley, "The Place"
c. Pioneer Work on Preparations for the Long, Dusty Road Ahead
d. Cowboys

3. Settlement of Salt Lake City followed a plan known as the "City of Zion" plan. Understand the characteristics of the pattern and it's importance in future settlements in Utah. Be familiar with some of the early settlements after Salt Lake City.

a. Settlement and Exploration
b. Brief History of Utah

4. Though Utah's population during the settlement period was vastly Mormon, it was still ethnically varied. Be familiar with this ethnic diversity and some of the ethnic population that immigrated to Utah as Mormons.

a. Imperial Zion
b. After Escalante
c. Utah's Immigration
d. Scandinavian Saga

5. What natural resources were available to the settlers and how did they manage them? The Salt Lake valley has often been characterized as a desert. What was the environment and climate of the Salt Lake Valley?

a. State of Deseret
b. Colonization of Utah
c. Physical Geography of Utah

6. Be familiar with how the settlers change the land in settlement, not just in the Salt Lake Valley but in all areas of Utah.

a. Cowboys

7. What were some of the difficulties the settlers experienced in the first few years of settlement?

a. Virgin River

8. Understand the state of early agriculture and early industry. What was cooperative economics?

a. Brief History of Utah
b. Salt Lake City

9. Understand the development of early communication and transportation systems of early Utah.

a. Telegraph
b. Fillmore, Utah's First Capitol
c. Brief History of Utah
d. Mining
e. Life in Early Utah
f. Pony Express in Utah
g. Pony Express Added A Colorful Chapter in Utah History
h. Steam Boat Era

10. Understand Brigham Young's "Indian Policy." What was the cause of trouble between American Indians and the Mormon settlers? Recognize that as Mormons expanded, tension increased between Mormons and American Indian.

a. Native Americans
b. Black Hawk War
c. The Utes, Southern Paiutes, and Goshutes

11. Be familiar with Mormon-American Indian conflicts.

a. The Navajos of Utah
b. The Paiute Tribe of Utah
c. The White Mesa Utes
d. The Northern Utes of Utah
e. Walker War
f. Black Hawk War

12. What was the nature of conflict between Utah settlers and the federal government? What events occurred because of this conflict?

a. Salt Lake City
b. Polygamy, Persecution, etc.

13. What was the structure of early Territorial government? Who was the first Territorial Governor? Who were other Territorial Governors? Which governors got along with the Utah Mormons and which did not? For what reasons?

a. The Territorial Governors
b. Chronology of Utah's Struggle for Statehood
c. Fillmore
d. Utah's Governors
e. Brief History of Utah

14. How did the Civil War affect Utah? Understand the purpose of Fort Douglas.

a. Utah and the Civil War
b. Colonel Connor
c. History of Fort Douglas
d. Wasatch Mountains
e. Fort Founded on East Bench Offensive to Young
f. Fort Douglas

15. What was the role of the cattle industry in early Utah economics?

a. Cowboys and the Cattle Industry
b. Old La Sal Was Once a Thriving Cow Town
c. Cattle Kingdom

16. Who were the bad boys of Utah? There was a certain outlaw element that occupied the desert lands of southeastern Utah. What was the "Robbers Roost" and who were the infamous individuals associated with it?

a. Robber's Roost...Haven for Outlaws
b. Etta Place
c. Utah Had...Gunfights
d. Myths and Legends of Butch Cassidy
e. Butch Cassidy
f. Butch Cassidy and Sundance
g. Bones in Bolivia

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