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Statehood and the Progressive Era
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1. Why did Utah want to become a state? How many attempts at statehood did Utah make before it was successful?

a. Struggle for Statehood
b. Struggle for Statehood Chronology
c. Union Yes
d. Statehood at Last

2. What was the role of polygamy as a main roadblock in Utah's struggle for statehood? Understand the federal actions to polygamy and Utah's response to those actions. What compromises did Utah have to make to become a state?

a. Justice Charles Zane
b. Enabling Act 1894
c. Struggle for Statehood
d. Struggle for Statehood Chronology
e. War on Polygamy
f. Union Yes
g. Statehood at Last

3. Though polygamy was a major issue in Utah's struggle for statehood, other issues also existed. What were economic, political, and social issues that stood as a block to statehood?

a. See #2

4. How was Utah caught in a political struggle for power between the Democratic and Republican parties?

a. Struggle for Statehood
b. Party Politics and Utah Statehood
c. Simon Bamberger
d. 100 Years Ago Today

5. What was early state government like? What was the role of women? Of minorities?

a. Utah's African-American Community and Politics
b. Martha Hughes Cannon
c. A State is Born
d. Utah's Constitution Was Framed
e. Party Politics and Utah Statehood

6. What problems did Utah politicians encounter as they took on roles in the U.S. Government?

a. How Utah Lost One of its Senate Seats
b. Clarence E. Allen
c. Reed Smoot
d. George Sutherland

7. Who was the first governor of the state?

a. Utah's Governors
b. Statehood at Last
c. Union Yes

8. How did the role of Fort Douglas change from the Civil War to the Spanish American War?

a. History of Fort Douglas
b. Fort Douglas
c. African-Americans at Fort Douglas
d. A Soldier's Life at Fort Douglas
e. Spanish American War
f. Fort Founded on East Bench
g. Utah and the Civil War
h. Buffalo Soldiers

9. How did the Progressive era manifest itself in Utah? What labor, political, and social reforms occurred?

a. Joe Hill and the IWW
b. Socialist Women and Joe Hill
c. Women's Suffrage in Utah
d. Women's Suffrage Dominated Politics in Utah
e. Kanab Residents Chose Women
f. Ruth May Fox
g. Justice Charles S. Zane and Antipolygamy
h. Life Was Precarious in Turn of the Century Utah

10. What was the state of agriculture and mining in Utah during the Progressive era?

a. House That Eggs Built
b. Boy's Potato Growing Clubs
c. Explosion at Pleasant Valley Coal Company
d. Salt Lake City
e. Salt Lake Valley Smelter War

11. What cultural institutions were established? What were some of the cultural trends during the Progressive era?

a. Utah's Immigrants at the Turn of the Century
b. Traveling Gypsies
c. Juvenile Delinquency Posed Problems for Utahns A Century Ago
d. Woman's Home Association Tried to Help the Fallen

12. What were the changes and growth in technology, industry, and the role of entertainment during the early 20th century?

a. Electrifying Utah
b. Jobs in 1900
c. First Large Factory in Utah
d. Working Women in Early 20th Century
e. The Pasta King of the Mountain West
f. Salt Industry Was First Enterprise in Utah
g. Flour Mills
h. Guano Sifters on Gunnison Island
i. Lehi Sugar Beet Factory
j. From Free Salt to Major Industry
k. The Lucin Cut-Off
l. Ogden's Packing Industry
m. Bamberger Electric Railway
n. First Cars in Two Small Towns
o. Saltair
p. Boxing Fans Take Plunge at Saltair
q. Castilla Hot Springs
r. Minstrel Shows

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