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1. Understand how the building of defense industries during World War II promoted cold war prosperity.

a. Utah's Postwar Experience
b. The Cold War, the Korean War and Utah's Defense Establishment
c. Cold War Prosperity
d. The Great Basin

2. How did the uranium boom relate to the cold war?

a. Uranium Mining in Utah
b. Uranium Industry
c. Utah's Uranium Boom

3. Understand the social change of the 1960s. What were some of the important social movements of this time?

a. The Civil Rights Movement in Utah
b. Native Americans in Postwar Utah
c. A Black Mormon Family in Postwar Utah
d. Equal Rights Amendment
e. Utah and the Vietnam Conflict
f. Chemical Weapons Testing Created Controversy at Dugway
g. Radiation Death and Deception

4. What single employer has played a key part in Utah's economy the past 50 years?

a. World War II in Utah
b. A New Century
c. Utah Grows Up With a New Century

5. What is the basis of the sagebrush rebellion? Trace the history of Utah-federal government relations.

a. Brief History of Utah
b. Brigham Young
c. Scott Matheson
d. Utah's Governors

6. Water has always been a precious resource in Utah. Understand the water issues of the 20th century. What was the Central Utah Project controversy? Be familiar with the urban floods of 1983 and its consequences.

a. Central Utah Project
b. Floods

7. Environmental awareness increased in the late 20th century. Understand the connection between wilderness protection and the development of tourism and recreation. How are the related? How are they in conflict?

a. Utah's First State Park
b. Native Americans

8. Who are the immigrants of the late 20th century?

a. German Heroes Immigrate to Utah
b. Peoples of Utah
c. Japanese Farmers in Sanpete County
d. After Escalante

9. Understand the trends of urban and suburban growth during the 20th century and what issues have faced this growth.

a. Farmington
b. Bountiful
c. City Planning in Ogden
d. Suburbia and the Freeway

10. Since the 1980s, Utah has gone through economic booms and economic hard times. What was the resulting effect on business and growth?

a. Utah's New Commonwealth Economy
b. Norman Bangerter
c. Ogden
d. Uinta Basin
e. Moab Keeps Pedaling
f. Castle Dale
g. Mining and Sports

11. What were some of the issues and concerns facing Utah in education, urban sprawl, transportation, economic growth, and immigration.

a. City Planning in Ogden
b. After Many Boom and Bust Cycles Moab Just Keeps Pedaling
c. Education Expansion
d. High Birthrates and Education
e. The Rise of Utah's Latino Population
f. Interstate 70
g. Suburbia and the Freeway
h. Some Meanings of Utah History

The Land
American Indians
Trappers, Traders, & Explorers
Pioneers & Cowboys
Mining & Railroads
Statehood & the Progressive Era
From War to War
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