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Michael Okerlund Leavitt

During Utah's history there have been 14 Territorial Governors and 17 Governors of the State.

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Michael Leavitt

1993- 2003   REPUBLICAN
(February 11, 1951- )

Born in Cedar City, Leavitt graduated from Southern Utah University, where he met Jacalyn Smith of Newton, who became his wife. They have five children and have resided in Salt Lake City since the late 1970s. Before entering politics Leavitt worked for The Leavitt Groups, a regional insurance firm, founded by his father, and served on the boards of directors of several large companies. Leavitt is Utah's second third term governor (Rampton was the first). Since his election as governor, he has led the state in an era of unprecedented economic prosperity. He has shown leadership on critical issues, including preserving Utah's quality of life during a time of rapid growth, as well as creating better schools, fighting crime, redefining the relationship between states and federal governments, and taking advantage of the tools of advanced technology. The Governor's Growth Summit created statewide involvement in improving transportation, preserving open space, and developing and conserving water. The state is now undertaking an unprecedented 10-year, $3.6 billion, statewide road building initiative. The governor's education initiatives include Centennial Schools, which return power to parents and teachers at local schools; special assistance to disadvantaged children; and class size reduction. Federal-state relations have been brought to the top of the national agenda under his leadership. A national Federalism Summit addressed options for restoring a balance of power so that states and the federal government can operate more effectively. In technology, his Smart States initiative aims to develop public-private partnerships to deliver state services electronically. He has helped to attract and nurture high tech companies and encourage private commerce. Leavitt has held regional and national leadership roles and currently sits on the executive committee of the National Governors Association and Republican Governors Association. He has received numerous awards, including the American Medical Association's Nation Davis Award, which recognized him as the public official of the year for his efforts to improve health care in Utah. The state has received national and international recognition during his term, including Salt Lake City being named as the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics and as the best state to locate a business, best managed state, and most livable state. Leavitt resigned during his third term to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

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