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Mormon Trail Series
The Salt Lake Tribune Arch

Modern 'Pioneers' Make Journey to Honor Intrepid Souls of 1847
Mormon Pioneers Hit the Dusty Trails In Search of the Land They Called 'Zion'
Pioneers Work on Preparations For the Long, Dusty Trails Ahead
Brigham Is Given a Squirrel Bagged by Pioneer Hunters
Trail Beckons Pioneers As They Push Westward
Pioneers Cross Elkhorn River With Seventy-Two Wagons on Raft Trips
River Crossings, Wagon Rafting Make for 'A Hard Day's Work'
Platte River Earns Place in History As Mormon Trail After Saints' Trek
An Indian Scare
Despite Troubles, Entire Party Arrives At Main Pioneer Camp on Platte River
Young Chooses Leaders and Divides Camp Into Teams for Trip Out West
Pioneer Party Keeps Arms Handy After Indian Sighting on the Trail
While Pioneers Watch for Indians, a Falling Tree Bushwhacks an Ox
Pioneers Roll Through a Graveyard Obviously a Former Battlefield
Fish Dinner Rewards Pioneers At the End of Hot, Dusty Day
Pawnees Meet Pioneers, Warn Mormons to Stay Off Their Land
Sleeping Guards Lose Their Weapons, But Colonel Can't Gripe: He Lost a Hat
A Slow River Crossing: Quicksand Snares Pioneer Wagons and Horses
One of Brigham Young's Horses Dies; Wagon Train Crosses the Loup River
With Plenty of Game But Few Horses, Pioneers Designate Hunting
Pioneers Suspect Sioux Indian Scouts Of Stealing Two of Their Best Horses
Pawnees Stole Horses, Then Fired On Porter Rockwell, Search Party
Pioneers Turn to Road Work; Young Quiets the Complainers
Pioneers Find a Great Hunting Spot, But Can't Manage to Bag a Big Prize
North Wind Torments Pioneers, Fanning the Flames of Ingenuity
The Buffalo Hunters Gallop Off, But One Pioneer Doesn't Return
Some Ride to Retrieve Buffalo Meat While the Rest Move to Better Ground
No-Moving Day to Refill Supplies; Indians Chase Scout Group to Camp
After Bagging Buffalo and Antelope, Pioneers Find Fresh Meat Isn't Best
Buffalo by Thousands Mesmerize Pioneers of the Camp of Israel
Pioneers Pacify a Miffed Young By Finding His Missing Telescope
Camp of Israel Parts a Sea of Buffalo; Pioneers Dispute Distance Traveled
Young, Kimball Scout Out Territory In a Day of 'Solemn Reflections'
Soft Ground Makes the Going Tough For Pioneers Who Proceed Unabated
Pioneers Find Sioux Hunting Ground and The Huge 'Valley of Dry Bones'
Rattlesnakes and Sioux Souvenirs Keep the Pioneer Trail Interesting
Day Begins With Rain, and Ends With Jealousy Over 'Roadometer'
Pioneers Find Wet Buffalo Chips Are Not Good As Cooking Fuel
Sermon on Sabbath Hunting Ban Ignored During Buffalo Shoot
Hunters Delay Trek With a Kill Without Brigham Young's Permission
Brigham Young Gives Lecture To Trek Captains and Hunters
Scout Runs Into Wolf Pack One as Big as Two-Year-Old Steer
Camp of Israel Pioneers Locate the Oregon Trail, Find Indian Grave
Pioneers Discover Petrified Bone; Indian Couple Come Near Camp
On Quiet Day, Pioneers Playfully Stage Camp of Israel vs. James Davenport
Pleasant Sabbath Turns Into a Day Of Snakebite and Laying of Hands
Sioux Chief Carrying American Flag Tours Mormon Camp, Spends Night
Friendly Sioux Trade With Pioneers In Area Where Few Buffaloes Roam
Indian Pony's Wild Ride Upsets Day's Routine for Mormon Pioneers
Mormon Pioneers Pass Scott's Bluff, Reawakening Tale of Scout's Betrayal
During Rain Delay, Kimball Critical Of Gaming, Dancing and Swearing
Brigham Scolds His Soggy Followers, Hopes to Stamp Out Fires of Iniquity
The Pioneers Have Laramie's Black Hills in Sights and Minds
Elements, Grueling Routine Taking A Toll on Wagon-Train Members

After Midday, the Pioneer Cry Was Heard: 'I See Fort Laramie'
Pioneers Visit Fort Laramie, Get Briefing on Route Ahead
Camp of Israel Pioneers Take a Day To Regroup, Begin Platte Crossing
Fur Trader Praises Mormon Pioneers For Being Courteous and Disciplined
Eleven Wagons of Oregon Emigrants Temporarily Join Camp of Israel
Pioneers Come Across Missourians As Old Wounds Become New Sores
Caravan Camps at Horseshoe Creek Amid Perfume of Mint and Sage
Bluffs Problematical for Wagons, Wheel Runs Over Pioneer's Leg
Young Sends Advance Party on Way To Prepare for Crossing
Pioneers Camp Near North Platte, Find Much Comfort in Deer Creek
Pioneers Find It's a Lucrative Job Ferrying Emigrants Across River
Historian of the Camp of Israel Strikes Fellow Pioneer With Whip
Pioneers, Missourians Pull Together as Trek Makes Strange Bedfellows
Rising River and Strong Wind Mean Nightmarish Crossing for Pioneers
Storms and Rattlesnakes Mar Wagon Train River Crossing
Young Orders Pioneers to Set Up Shop Ferrying Emigrants Across Platte River
Getting Last Wagon Across River Makes Happy Campers of Pioneers
Pioneers Finish Building Ferry Boat; Second Mormon Group Finds Dead Man
Man Drowns Crossing Platte River; Another Shot in Abdomen by Indian
Plagued by Mosquitoes, Pioneers Eager to Leave 'Poison Springs'
White Powder From Saleratus Beds Found by Pioneers to Bake Best Bread
Young Orders Early Start To Beat Other Pioneer Trains
Tombstone Reminds Pioneers Of Dangers on the Trail West
Brigham's Horse Shot in Accident; Twisting River Forces Many Fords
Young Doesn't Blame Herdsman For Death of Saddle Horse, John
Despite a Frosty Morning, Scouts Are Hot on the Trail to South Pass
Wagon Train Crosses South Pass, Meets With Famed Mountain Man
Pioneers Maintain Western Trek, Hear About Great Salt Lake Valley
Brigham Young Sends Letter Of Introduction With Bridger
Dusty Pioneers Reach the Green, But River Is Too High to Ford
Mountain Fever Whips the Pioneers; Brannan Tells Young About California
Young Calls Meeting on Directions To Salt Lake, Now Only Weeks Away
Pioneers Camp Under Thunderstorm In the Midst of Army of Mosquitoes
Young's Brother Among Volunteers To Guide Second Mormon Emigration
Despite Rough Ride, Sickness, Camp of Israel Covers 20 Miles
Camp in Flowers' Splendor Follows Three River Crossings
Caravan Passes a Sea of Flax As Battalion Tracks Horse Thief
Woodruff Shows Twelve Wyoming Trout Just What Fly-Fishing Is All About
'Captain Young' Returns Horse Seized in Payment for Stolen Animal
Perpendicular Descent Was Like 'Jumping Off the Roof of a House'
A Variety of Substances Come Forth From the Good Earth, Pioneers Find
Woodruff Fly-Fishes the Bear River; An Ill Brigham Young Stays Behind
Group Scouts for Wagon Trail; Young Battles 'Mountain Fever'
Woodruff Suggests a Remedy For Malady Plaguing Pioneers
Still Ailing, Young and Rockwood Lie in Bed on Carriage Ride to Camp
Barely Any Room for Wagon Train To Fit Through Crowded Canyons
Canyon Echoes Spook Oxen and Mules Into Lowing and Braying All Morning'
Pioneers Pray for an Ailing Leader As Wagons Near Salt Lake Valley
Pioneer Brown Thinks He Could See A Corner of Salt Lake From Mountain
Advance Party Marvels at Sight Of Long-Sought Destination
Camp of Israel Pioneers Begin First Explorations of Salt Lake Valley
Three Pioneers Share Honor of Plowing First Furrows in Great Salt Lake Valley
Ailing Young Rolls Out of Canyon, Likes Look of the Salt Lake Valley


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