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Utah History to Go is your online course for Utah history. Divided into 15 chapters from prehistory to Utah today.


Discover interesting facts and statistics about Utah.


Take a tour of statewide elected officials, prominent 19th and 20th century Utahns.


Tour some of Utah's historical places. Learn more about the history of some of our cities. Dive into Olympic venues.


Some of the best historical information has been published by the Utah State Historical Society.

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Holly George, Editor Utah Historical Quarterly

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For over twenty years History To Go has been a rich source for Utah history, mined by teachers, students, researchers, and the public. We are pleased to report that History To Go now has a new online home on the Utah State Historical Society website. We gave the site a fresh look and new organization. Previously unable to edit the web page, the new platform for History To Go enables us to add new content.
History To Go articles address our history’s broad themes—people, land, culture, politics, religion—as well as more detailed, esoteric information highlighting the unique and varied people, events, and movements in this place we call Utah.
Keep in mind that while the site contains a wide range of topics, it is not comprehensive in scope or perspective. A student of Utah history will notice that some major events or themes receive light treatment or even none at all. Moreover, some content on this site may not reflect the latest scholarly thinking; all the articles and essays first appeared in a publication of the Utah State Historical Society—Utah History EncyclopediaHistory BlazerBeehive History, among other titles—and republished here verbatim. Original publication dates as far back as fifty years. When using this site, we encourage researchers to consider when and where the content was first published, just as one would do with any primary or secondary source.