Cottonwood Heights

Adapted from: “The History Between The Canyons: A Brief Outline of Our Legacy.” Accessed April 23,2020.

Cottonwood Heights was only incorporated as a town in 2005, but the origins of the town stretch back to 1849, when eight families settled the area. One settler, Jehu Cox, donated some of his farm land for the construction of a fort in the area. The population of the area was up to 273 by 1854, with 23 homes inside the fort. Union encompassed more than modern Cottonwood Heights, including Midvale and Sandy. 

Following World War II, the area began to shift away from agriculture to meet the housing demands of suburbia. Several subdivisions were built and the population boomed. The town successfully petitioned for incorporation, and became its own city in 2005. The population is about 34,000 today, and was listed by Money Magazine as #100 Best Places to Live list for a small city.