Elk Ridge

Like several other fast growing Utah county towns, Elk Ridge is a recently established town, incorporated in 1976. The land where Elk Ridge is today was formerly the Goosenest Ranch, homesteaded by James Fayette Shuler. One of his heirs sold the land to Jim Winteron who, with the help of his son, developed the land into a subdivision called Salem Hills.  

When the subdivision population reached 100 in 1976, Salem Hills was incorporated, as per county rules. The name of Salem Hills was changed to Elk Ridge in 1978, after the herds of elk frequently seen on the hillsides, and to avoid confusion with the nearby town of Salem. The town has grown rapidly, along with most of the county, and was the third fastest growing city in Utah county. The population in 1990 was 771, and is now a little over 4,000.

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